Central Valley

Central Valley Costa Rica

Many travelers to Costa Rica tend to start and end your tour in the Central Valley, but it’s time to explore. However, there are dozens of travel days fun and useful as possible in the Central Valley. He beams, coffee plantation tours, guided tours, aerial trams, rainforest and volcanoes and botanical gardens.

One of my absolute favorites is called “Tour Combo”. Passes through the center of the beautiful city of Alajuela city, and several thousand feet of the Poas volcano and cloud forest, passing by way of the vast coffee plantations, dairy farms and Strawberry fields (be sure to stop and buy a basket of fresh!). You break for breakfast at Doka Estate Coffee, which is one of the best tours of coffee around – through the process of maturation of the berries of a coffee plant to the way to get a steaming cup “or black” in their hands.

Poas above, you stand right on the edge of the crater looking steaming fumaroles. A very interesting fact is that, literally, as they amounted to several thousand meters, the temperature dropped several degrees and the time, recalls the British Isles (tropical mist bring a jacket!). After the volcano, visit one of the most fascinating attractions of Costa Rica, La Paz Waterfall Gardens. hummingbirds, toucans, parrots and other tropical birds, butterflies, snakes, frogs, monkeys, jaguars and other wild cats, waterfalls and winding paths through the jungle … Need I say more!


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