Canopy Tour

Explore the treetops in one of the most spectacular rainforests of Costa Rica in an eco-adventure.

Canopy Tour and Atv Tour

Nowhere else can combine a rafting trip with this exciting vision of one of the remaining frontiers in the world.

The Jaco Canopy Adventure begins with an exhilarating 5-minute walk in the jungle around the Central Pacific . Culminating in the mountains, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ocean and jungle green as main guide provides a demonstration of safety and conferences.

An exciting journey ahead as you glide over the trees cross horizontal lines you have a platform through a rainforest canopy of Costa Rica recognized by the observation deck – a height of about 90 feet (30 meters)! In a series of measures, such as swing, climb and suspended between horizontal platforms and slides, will experience what can only be described as breathtaking views of complex biological communities on the planet.

You will experience this emotion with the certainty that is anchored with a safety harness, offering a unique experience that no one else offers this kind of tourist information. This impressive air adventure ends where it began, as a reminder of 70 feet (24 meters) in the forest floor just a stone’s throw from the door of the bungalow – on the room service!

This tour is available only with respect to accommodation packages at Hotel Poseidon Jaco


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